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Exterior Painting

Refresh your house, office with a fresh coat of paint by our professional and trusted exterior painters. The wall colors of your home can make it feel inviting or gloomy. Our professional exterior painters will completely enhance the beauty of your house. Most people do not realize, how applying a quote of paint can freshen up the house and apartment. This is why people feel a bit perplexed when they are looking at exterior paint samples and deciding the color of their exterior walls. We recommend our clients to take time to decide on colors for exterior painting service and ask for as many samples till they are 100% sure & satisfied with the colors.

If your walls are dirty, the paint might not stick. It is important that you clean your house exterior walls in order to guarantee the success of your painting project. If you are hiring a professional painting company, ensure that the company you hire power washes all the walls before they start the actual painting. After all, with all the weather elements dirtying your exterior walls all year around, you can never be sure how clean they are even when they seem clean.

When you paint exterior walls during winter, the extremely cold weather will mean that the paint dries slowly and unevenly. During the scorching sun of summer, the paint will dry too fast, which might not produce the smoothest of results. For you to have an unblemished finish, always ensure that you consult your paint supplier on the most ideal season to start your painting project.

Hire a siding contractor to replace any rotten wood and siding material before your painting project commences. A rotten or rotting siding will continue to rot no matter how many coats of paint you lay on it. If the siding is slightly rotten, you can ask the siding contractor to stop the rotting by using a wood hardener.

These are paints with added synthetic alkylate or natural oils, making them more durable than water-based oils. They are strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather elements. Note that the oils give these paints a choking pungent smell, so you will need to have a nose mask on when painting. The oils also make the paints to dry extremely slowly

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